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ASR Infosystems has helped numerous clients with the implementation and adoption of Oracle’s Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning for public sector organizations.

Oracle Cloud Apps expanded and enriched our E-Business capabilities and offerings for cities, counties, state agencies, and K-12 school systems. Today, ASR Infosystems’ ERP for public sector organizations spans HCM, Financials, Advanced Procurement, Project Accounting, Project Costing, and Supply Chain Management.

Increasingly, given their significant budget and staffing pressures, public sector organizations require richer analytics, improved integration options, and other new features in the latest release of Oracle.

When managing upgrades and new implementations of ERP Applications, ASR Infosystems optimizes the benefits of the ERP within our clients’ environment, empowering them to:

  • Reduce back-office operating expenses
  • Operate significantly more efficiently and effectively
  • Improve financial, workforce and supplier base management and decision-making
  • Improve transparency and access
  • Further, mitigate risk
  • Better prepare for expansion and increasing complexities
  • More effectively manage change


ASR Infosystems public sector experience, tools, and best practices enable us to accelerate ERP upgrades and implementations. Our clients also appreciate our user training and change management expertise, which further accelerates their ability to realize the powerful benefits of Oracle ERP.
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